2012 Spring Break Fashion for Men

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2012 spring break fashion for men is actually all about casual and fresh look. Spring break fashion for men this year will be about the seaside outfits. However, being too casual is not the best ideas in this spring break. You should look more reliable in more polished kind of way. You will look casual, fresh and simple while at the same time classy and reliable, no matter where you are.

2012 Spring Break Fashion modern

2012 Spring Break Fashion: the Must Have Items

A solid colored t-shirt is the thing you should have in 2012 spring break fashion. No matter if it is tailored fit or vintage cut, t-shirt will always be the good choices for the beach or bar outfits. If you think t-shirt will be too casual, polo shirt is an alternative. Polo shirt with a solid color will give the classic and preppy look. And for the bottoms, chino short is a must. This kind of short which is worn low in the hip has the straightforward design.

2012 Spring Break Fashion

2012 Spring Break Fashion: the Shoes Those must-have-items can be combined with the right pair of shoes. The best choice is canvas slip-ons. Though sneakers will never be stay out of date, you should also pack canvas slip-ons in 2012 spring break fashion. The style makes you more relaxed while enjoying your spring break. This offers the easy-going and casual style in the fashion.

2012 Spring Break Fashion for men
Do not forget about the swim trunks. The best choice when it comes to the swim trunks is Victorinox Swiss Army Swim Trunks. It provides the elastic fabric and the subtle detail delivering stylish look at the beach. And for the color, make sure you choose the bold color since it is the hip trend in 2012 spring break fashion

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