Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace Collection 2012

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Alexis Bittar teardrop necklace design should be gently chosen to complete your fashion style since fashion is not complete without jewelry. Alexis Bittar is one of professional jewelry designer who always up to date in designing newer and newer jewelry collection. Teardrop necklace is new jewelry design trend up to current day. It is designed beautifully with classic element creation inspired by water drop.
Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace

Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace: Leger Rose Gold
Leger Rose Gold is one of glorious product of Alexis Bittar teardrop necklace collection. It is designed as like statement necklace with big teardrop pendant on the bottom. This beautiful necklace applies Y-shaped necklace completing your V-neckline dress. Main material used for this necklace is gold especially yellow gold.

Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace 2012

With many tiny rectangular beads arranged to surround the Y form, this Alexis Bittar teardrop necklace looks fabulous and stylish. The rectangular beads are made of gold for the border and crystal glass to fill the gold rectangular frame.
Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace 2013
Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace: Dust

Dust is the name of teardrop necklace designed by Alexis Bittar. It is callsed as duct because it looks dirty on both teardrop internal and external pendants. It is made of gold with same clear color on the teardrop pendant. There are some tiny sparkling stones arranged on the pendant top of Dust Alexis Bittar teardrop necklace.

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Alexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace 2013Alexis Bittar Teardrop NecklaceAlexis Bittar Teardrop Necklace 2012
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