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Choosing a hair color / hair dye for women should be done with caution because if not, might make an appearance was not optimal. For those of you, women who love style and following fashion trends is certainly no stranger to hair color. But, do not let one choose the hair color, it would be fatal for your appearance. For the fashion trend this time, the color black as the color highlights on blonde hair a trend to follow. Black blonde hair can be your inspiration to give a different touch to your hair. Here are some examples of black blonde hair that can be used as inspiration.


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In addition to choosing hair color / hair dye according to the appearance, in changing your hairstyle with black blonde hair also need to consider the type of dye used. So that there are no long-term effects that are harmful to your health. Choosing the best hair color that matches the color of the skin. In dyed our hair can not choose the color of any origin. skin color should be completely customized with paint colors that will be made later to dye our hair.



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black blonde hairstyle


For black blonde hair, you have light brown skin, eye color brown, amber, green or hazel, hair color can you make the choice. Hair color is also suitable for those who have skin pale white or pale with bright red eye color light blue, gray, or turquoise. Another thing to consider is that you need to know your hair type before choosing a hair color / hair dye you want. Is your hair types oily, dry, or normal? This is so the exact color of your hair when you are exposed to light. If your hair is oily, avoid choosing light hair color because if you do not have time to spruce up the appearance, you can look more dull than the hair color is more soft. So, enjoy your black blonde hair.

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