Black hair and Highlights to Make You Look Fabulous

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Black hair and highlights match very well and there are some choices of the color for the highlights. Sometimes, when you have a black hair, you often think about what you can do to make your hair look fun. Or, sometimes you want to get a new look   of hairstyles but you don’t want to cut your hair. Whichever the reason is, having highlights on your hair will give you a fresh look. If you’re still not sure what kind of highlights you should get, then you can look for some inspirations on the internet.

black hair and highlights 2012
Black Hair and Highlights with the Platinum Color Highlights

When you decided to have highlights on your hair, you want to know what kind of color that people usually use for the highlights. One of the most popular colors is the platinum or the blond color. The black hair and highlights is the way for people to get a new refreshing look. As for the highlights go, you can have it just in your bangs; the example for this look is Katie Cecil from the band KSM. Or, you can choose to have the highlights in all over your hair.

celebs with black hair and highlights

Choosing to do the black hair and highlights means that you want to look unique while also look gorgeous at the same time. If you are afraid that the platinum color might be too contrast for your black hair, well you don’t have to worry because you can have the highlights in some places in your hair that won’t look too extreme. If you want to apply the highlights on your bangs, you can ask the hairstylist to not make it look too much. In order to apply the right platinum highlights on you black hair, you can discuss it with your hairstylist.
Black hair and Highlights
The Other Colors for the Black Hair and Highlights

Besides the platinum color, there are also some other colors that you can apply as the highlights on your hair. Some of the colors are including red, purple, brown and blonde. Those are the other favorite colors besides platinum. To wear these colors as the highlights are also the same like the same like the platinum color. Just know that the black hair and highlights hairstyle can show your fresh and creative side.
Simple black hair and highlights

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