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Wedding dresses have many types around the world. The existence of customize wedding dresses with customs and cultural areas. Cultural or religious influence of strong role in determining the type of wedding dress for the bride. In India, women’s dresses usually a sari dress. Included for her wedding dress. Sari or saree or shari is a female type of fabric used in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Sari is a garment consisting of a strand of the fabric is not sewn, the variation varies with length of 4-9 meters are applied to the body with a wide variety of styles. The most common type is the sari wrapped around his waist, with a hooked tip of the shoulder to the lower back. Sari is usually used to cover or coat the inside of petticoats (pavada / pavadai in South India, and Shaya eastern India), with a blouse choli or ravika. Choli has short sleeves and a low neck to adapt citizen of South Asia with a very hot summer. Here’s the followings of bridal lehengas 2012.


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Lehenga sari style is a new sari trend which was introduced in India. This is an aesthetic traditional Sari and Lehenga choli. Lehenga style sari is usually 4.5 meters 5.5 meters long. Here the difference between the lehenga and sari, sari does not need to form pleats but just a hanging tuck. Style of choli mostly resembles a conventional Lehenga choli or Ghagra choli. Sometimes conventional blouses are also matched with lehenga style sari. Choli has a V neck and a “backless”. Like the sari, cholis are also adorned with Kundan, beads, mirrors and so on. In this article you can see some designs of bridal lehengas 2012 which is used as the bride’s dress india. Some examples in this article you can make as an inspiration in the style of your foamy.


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As you can see, Indian dresses showed a lot of variation from area to area. One thing is for sure: if you buy a lehenga to be used in your wedding party or just a section to add an exotic twist to your wardrobe choices, wedding gowns India is the ultimate fashion statement. When you wear Indian wedding clothes or bridal lehengas 2012, you can tell the world: I am beautiful and extraordinary.

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