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Blonde Brown Hair Colour To Make You Stunning

Hair color is classified into type cold and warm type. Media types including cold gray brown, blue-black, blond, dark coffee brown, golden brown, golden blonde, and white. Hair color is considered a type of warm red, brown, strawberry blond and gray. By category type cold and warm, you can choose the perfect color highlight. Nuance is best suited to get the feel of a cold are shades like yellow, bronze, gold or red should be avoided by people with cool hair color type, because it offers a pale highlights. Highlight best choice for warm colors are brown, red, golden brown, golden blonde, auburn and orange highlights. People who have a type of hair color with warm to avoid purple, blue and white as the highlight color of the hair because it can keep its original color.


blonde brown hair colour



blonde brown hair colours


For those who have pale white skin tone, blonde brown hair colour is suitable to be selected. Stylish colors it displays graceful side to yourself. In addition, the color is also able to increase confidence as synonymous with the glamorous and remain content used in various occasions. The selection of hair styles to be part of the expression of personality. Many ways to make blonde brown hair colour. You can use the technique highlights or ombre. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are some celebrities that use ombre hair coloring techniques. They combine brunette color at the top, with the color blonde on the ends of your hair. Ombre is French that means combining several colors like gradation. Keep in mind that different staining techniques ombre highlights. In this technique, the tip is usually bright or light-colored hair, while the hair from the roots to the mid-dark.


blonde brown hair colour ideas



light blonde brown hair colour


Ombre hair coloring process is quite long due to having to remove the natural hair color with a bleaching process. If you want to do ombre, preferably in the morning because of the bleaching process is very long. If pengecatannya only took about 20-30 minutes. Why bleaching process takes a long time? This is because the condition of the hair of every person is different. There are some people whose hair is just a one-time process of bleaching that hair color is lost and becomes white. But there are those that take up to two days to do so. Once the bleaching is done, it needs to do next is to determine the ombre color. So, enjoy your blonde brown hair colour.

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Business Wear for Women

Kate Middleton is known as one of the world’s fashion icons. Her dress that always have classic style but still elegant and up to date makes her an inspiration for women. Here are five tips of business wear for women that worn by wife of Prince William.

1. Classic colors
During a visit to The Treehouse Children’s Hospice recently, she chose electric blue dress. That is not too flashy, she also combine it with a neutral color like black belt and high heels shoes as her accessories.


business wear for women 2012


2. Conservative But Still Chic
While you want to show off a beautiful body, but select a courteous fashion while in office. For example, by wearing dresses that follow the curve of the body but not too tight, as she used.

3. Worn Day & Night
Orla Kiely’s grey dress worn by Kate while attending England’s Dulwich Picture Gallery is one channel that can be worn day and night.


business wear for women 2012 uk


At lunch you can perform a simple without accessories, and a new hang-out wear when after work. You can bring a beautiful black handbags to complete your appearance in business wear for women.

4. Casual Friday
Some offices allow employees to wear more casual clothes on Fridays. You can cheat her casual style wearing a pink colored jeans.


stylish business wear for women


But to still look professional, you can combine them with a blazer and a matching scarf. This looks makes you look professional, casual and elegant at the same time. You looks more fresh too.

5. Clothing for Business Travel
The work requires that you travel on business almost every time. It is better if you are wearing clothes that are practical, comfortable, not easily ruffled but still look professional.


casual business wear for women


As the canal silk with pleated detail business wear for women as she used when leaving the U.S airport after her visit to Canada and California.

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Rampage Lingerie for Your Sexy Look

Wearing the rampage lingerie will make you look sexy even in your underwear. These days, loads of women appreciate the good lingerie. Good lingerie is even more popular these days when they come in with the sexy style.

Rampage Lingerie

Wearing the Rampage Lingerie

There are various reasons why ladies like to wear the rampage library. The most popular reason of why wearing this lingerie is because the lingerie can bring out their sexiness. The other reason is because they just like wearing the lingerie.
Wearing the rampage lingerie can be for your personal satisfaction. Or, you can also wear it on your honeymoon with your husband. It will make your husband appreciate you even more because the lingerie looks perfect on you and you are wearing it for him.
Rampage Lingerie 2012
Where to Buy the Rampage Lingerie

There are many ways for you to get the sexy lingerie. You can go straight to the lingerie aisle at a department store or at a mall to get the lingerie collection for you. or you can also get the rampage lingerie collection buy buying it from the internet and choose the ones that you think will look best on you.
Rampage Lingerie 2013

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Selena Gomez New 2012 Fashion Style

Selena Gomez becomes trendy trendsetter in young woman fashion style in Selena Gomez new 2012 fashion look. Well, do you know Selena Gomez? She is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and Disney’s star. She is beautiful with long wavy natural hair and always stay up to date in her style. Selena is also a popular singer. She is loved because of her fashion style which is suitable for any age especially in similar age as her.

selena gomez new 2012 pics

Selena Gomez New 2012: Dream Out Loud
Well, let’s open Selena Gomez new 2012 official website. There you will find her fashion style from the beginner into professional star career. On the website, she looks so beautiful in green tank top with symmetrical stripes print pattern. She wears metal chain necklace with peacock feather pendant.

selena gomez new 2012 Style
This pendant necklace is in turquoise color to suit her light green tank top. Selena Gomez new 2012 fashion style completed with white hot pant and flat sandals for summer. To suit the peacock feather pendant necklace, she wears also big bold blue sunglasses.

Selena Gomez New 2012

Selena Gomez New 2012: Checkers Shirt
Checkers shirt in black and pink color looks stylish combined with white tank top and blue skinny jeans. To complete this gorgeous fashion style, Selena wear black leather belt on her waist. Black velvet ankle boots looks perfect to complete Selena Gomez new 2012 fashion style in checkers shirt.
selena gomez new 2012 Fashion

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