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3D Hello Kitty Nails Super Cute

As we know, a woman needs not just cosmetic needs. There are other needs that also want enhanced by the women. So, you also should know that from toe to head unung, women always want to look beautiful. Even the nails and toes were also polished to give the impression of beautiful and clean. Thus, the hand and foot nail care is also usually done by women. Manicures process known as manicure also very beautify your nails. From the first manicure is very popular. Here’s the 3d hello kitty nails.


3d hello kitty nails



3d hello kitty nail art


Trends decorate nails are now growing. If you had only limited use Kutek or method of paste and paint, nail trends now developing a three-dimensional (3D). Three-dimensional nail art decoration including a new thing, because the picture painted decoration and form the shape of the original palpable. During this technique when painting or paste, pictures can only be viewed from the front, but that is precisely the 3D images and the resulting shape can be touched up to be seen from all sides. As the picture hello kitty doll, hello kitty pictures we create are real. If it is so, as if the doll hello kitty sticking nail. 3D concept, similar to the technique of nail art painting, only the raw materials are different. Do not just use regular nail polish, but special paint mixed with gel. When painted on the nails, the paint is dry, so that the resulting image directly arising from or out. It gives the impression, as if the image stuck or hang nails. Nail Art 3D, of all pictures, hello kitty modif the most. It’s for teenagers. Hello kity pattern lots of choices made by drawing more hillarious. Impression also more girly and cute. Problem durability, Nail Art 3D include 3d hello kitty nails could last two weeks to one month.


3d hello kitty nail designs



how to do 3d hello kitty nails


Well, as a woman should take care of ourselves and we deserved without forgetting our nails. Here are some tips for your nail health after doing nail art. Use hand cream every day. Hand cream is helpful to overcome dry skin, especially if you are often in air-conditioned. Besides hand cream also slows the aging process. Diligent consume water. In addition to helping accelerate the metabolism in the body, water is very good for skin health. Drinking water it sufficiently so that water on your skin needs fulfilled. Always carry a manicure kit in a bag. Manicure kits are now available in miniature and practical. This equipment can be very helpful any time you nail was broken or stuck. Get used to wear a base coat before applying nail polish. Base coat serves to close the pores so that the color pigment nail polish nail polish did not go inside. Base coat also keep your nail polish also your 3d hello kitty nails last longer embedded in the nail.

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