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Blonde Brown Hair Colour To Make You Stunning

Hair color is classified into type cold and warm type. Media types including cold gray brown, blue-black, blond, dark coffee brown, golden brown, golden blonde, and white. Hair color is considered a type of warm red, brown, strawberry blond and gray. By category type cold and warm, you can choose the perfect color highlight. Nuance is best suited to get the feel of a cold are shades like yellow, bronze, gold or red should be avoided by people with cool hair color type, because it offers a pale highlights. Highlight best choice for warm colors are brown, red, golden brown, golden blonde, auburn and orange highlights. People who have a type of hair color with warm to avoid purple, blue and white as the highlight color of the hair because it can keep its original color.


blonde brown hair colour



blonde brown hair colours


For those who have pale white skin tone, blonde brown hair colour is suitable to be selected. Stylish colors it displays graceful side to yourself. In addition, the color is also able to increase confidence as synonymous with the glamorous and remain content used in various occasions. The selection of hair styles to be part of the expression of personality. Many ways to make blonde brown hair colour. You can use the technique highlights or ombre. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel are some celebrities that use ombre hair coloring techniques. They combine brunette color at the top, with the color blonde on the ends of your hair. Ombre is French that means combining several colors like gradation. Keep in mind that different staining techniques ombre highlights. In this technique, the tip is usually bright or light-colored hair, while the hair from the roots to the mid-dark.


blonde brown hair colour ideas



light blonde brown hair colour


Ombre hair coloring process is quite long due to having to remove the natural hair color with a bleaching process. If you want to do ombre, preferably in the morning because of the bleaching process is very long. If pengecatannya only took about 20-30 minutes. Why bleaching process takes a long time? This is because the condition of the hair of every person is different. There are some people whose hair is just a one-time process of bleaching that hair color is lost and becomes white. But there are those that take up to two days to do so. Once the bleaching is done, it needs to do next is to determine the ombre color. So, enjoy your blonde brown hair colour.

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Highlights On Brown Hair

Hair highlights are the latest fashion that adds beauty to natural hair by accentuating the focal point of the haircut. This style provides a stylish and elegant, adds depth, dimension and expression. Hair Highlights are classified into four types, Foil highlights, chunking, hair painting and low lighting. Foil highlighting is a technique where foil is used to separate and wrap strands of hair that will be in the paint so that the paint does not spread to the other strand. Chunking is a method of dyeing hair pieces with different sizes. Hair dye is a way to use a brush or comb the hair to the desired color. Low lighting is the technique of applying lighter shades to the natural hair. Here’s the followings are highlights on brown hair.


highlights on brown hair 2012



blonde highlights on brown hair


For those of you who have brown hair, blacks raven color tone, red flame, ash brown, cool blondes or burgundy can be selected as highlights on brown hair. Today, however, the red became much more popular for all types of hair color and hair tones. This is because red hair highlights bring a pleasant change to add depth and dimension to an increase in natural hair. It is believed to be pure red will fade quickly, so use the color red has more brown in it. The advantages of the color brown in red highlights will stay longer and give a unique look to your hairstyle. The most popular shades of red strawberry, mahogany, copper, gold or red-red-brown. You can choose any color that best suits your hair and skin tone.


highlights on brown hair photos



red highlights on brown hair


As with other hair styles, coloring is also a variation or modification of girlfriends hair. The only difference is the proposed maintenance and extra care. This is because previous natural product used for coloring and today natural black hair dye trend has shifted away by chemicals. These chemicals have an adverse effect on the hair when used for a longer period and destroy the natural light and the texture of the original hair. It also causes damage to the hair, such as hair broken – broken and dry hair. So, be careful when you are planning to go for hair highlights on brown hair.

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Black Blonde Hair

Choosing a hair color / hair dye for women should be done with caution because if not, might make an appearance was not optimal. For those of you, women who love style and following fashion trends is certainly no stranger to hair color. But, do not let one choose the hair color, it would be fatal for your appearance. For the fashion trend this time, the color black as the color highlights on blonde hair a trend to follow. Black blonde hair can be your inspiration to give a different touch to your hair. Here are some examples of black blonde hair that can be used as inspiration.


black blonde hairstyles



black blonde hair pictures



In addition to choosing hair color / hair dye according to the appearance, in changing your hairstyle with black blonde hair also need to consider the type of dye used. So that there are no long-term effects that are harmful to your health. Choosing the best hair color that matches the color of the skin. In dyed our hair can not choose the color of any origin. skin color should be completely customized with paint colors that will be made later to dye our hair.



black blonde hair picture



black blonde hairstyle


For black blonde hair, you have light brown skin, eye color brown, amber, green or hazel, hair color can you make the choice. Hair color is also suitable for those who have skin pale white or pale with bright red eye color light blue, gray, or turquoise. Another thing to consider is that you need to know your hair type before choosing a hair color / hair dye you want. Is your hair types oily, dry, or normal? This is so the exact color of your hair when you are exposed to light. If your hair is oily, avoid choosing light hair color because if you do not have time to spruce up the appearance, you can look more dull than the hair color is more soft. So, enjoy your black blonde hair.

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