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Japanese Nail Art

Many things that make a woman more confident. Nail art is one step. One of the habits of urban people today are using nail art to add beauty. In Japan, nail art has become a life style communities and developing a creative industry. In Japan, japanese nail art,  fused with the fashion industry and the very existence through the Japan Nail Association who for 25 years held a Nail Art Festival as an annual event. In Japan, to go to the office, women adopted a chic style with a single rhinestone nail french manicure. At the gala occasion like wedding, women decorate their nails with lace and pearls to match their dresses. When wearing kimono, they paint their nails with colors like red and black lacquer and sprinkled with gold dust. Women attend Christmas parties with beautiful nails with a pattern of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, stars and snow. For Valentine’s Day, the word “love” and hearts appear on the nail. Women choose a pattern to match the fashionable clothes and their mood that day, choose from a diverse line-up of options such as checks, wool, borders, leopard patterns, flowers, dots, patterns and shades of marble for their japanese nail art.


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As women, many of us who love the art of decorating nails. Nail art will make your nails look so perfect, with ornaments that decorate more beautiful appearance. But, keep in mind that the paint nails, we can not be arbitrary, there are things that must be considered. Do not paint nails every time. Nails are like humans that need to breathe. The result will only be broken nails, rough surface, yellowing, brittle, and easily broken. Paint your nails for up to 7 days, after that clean nails of all nail polish and let your nails breathe some days. Only then can paint nails again.


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Use a base coat. Base coat is a basic function is to protect the nails being directly exposed to chemicals and minimize the damage caused by nails chemicals that are found mainly in nail polish. So, get used to applying a thin layer of base coat before using nail polish. Paint nails direction. If you want to paint your nails yourself, spend a lot of time so as not to rush and mendpatkan maximum results. When applying polish, rub in the direction and sequence of the edge, so that maximum results and subtle coloring. Repeat 2-3 times for better color results and brilliant. Cover with top coat. After coloring your nails with nail polish, do not forget to tip coat closed. Use a top coat after the nail polish, will produce a glossy color nail polish and more durable for your japanese nail art.

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Gladiator Sandals for Men

The term gladiator is more synonymous with the man who is an expert sword and burly warrior in ancient Roman times. Gladiator sandals become one of the preferred choice of trendy shoes men. Impression of fierce and masculine like a gladiator would seem so wear it. Gladiator sandals men often be selected because the model is unique and comfortable to wear. In this article you will find some examples of gladiator sandals are trendy and functional. Here are some of gladiator sandals for men that you can make an inspiration.


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Gladiator sandals have straps to hold the foot, unlike filp-flop or flip-flops. Confused would buy gladiator shoes that can be used for casual and semi-formal event? Select only gladiator shoes with snake skin pattern. The motive is more formal than plain gladiator shoes with black, brown and so on. You can also wear a suit (blazer and trousers) in white colors with gladiator sandals for men in the same color (white). It looks formal appearance so you can wear your gladiator sandals for men in your formal event.  But the motive is more relaxed than the gladiator shoes with metallic colors. Gladiator sandals for men with classic colors will make you seem relaxed while wearing them. You can use casual clothes like sweaters and shorts paired with gladiator sandals. This new fashion can be apllied in every different situation. This style of gladiator sandals can give you more confidence if you wear it.


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Talking about fashion, not just ladies who always pampered, men will not want to miss the fashion. Fashion men’s certainly different to women’s fashion. If women tend to be interesting with the appearance of extra luxury, fashion instead recommends men over men appear to demonstrate the simplicity. Gladiator andals for men with a simple design just turned away simple braided rope can make a man look more memorable.

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