Kinds of Clothes to Enhance Cleavage

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Clothes to enhance cleavage are the perfect clothes for the small-breasted women who need to increase their cleavage. You should know that cleavage is the space between women’s breast that will enhance the sex appeal. Cleavage will be clearly visible when you are wearing the low neckline dresses. However, it is surely harder for the small-breasted women to show their cleavages than the big-breasted ones.

Dresses to Enhance Cleavage

Clothes to Enhance Cleavage: the Bras

Before you go for clothes to enhance cleavage, it is better for you to choose the right bra first. Push-up bra is the best selection for small-breasted women. It can push your breast upward since it has the padding gel that can make your breast appear bigger. Or, you can also wear the silicone bra. It can be inserted in any bra since it is removable padding. Like the push-up bra, silicone padding will push your breast upward and emphasize the cleavage.

Clothes to enhance cleavage ideas

Clothes to Enhance Cleavage: the Clothes’ Style

The clothes to enhance cleavage should be the ones that have the high waist line, or empire style. The empire line is the line that separates the bodice and the skirt placed right between your breasts. The empire line will push your breast upward and make it appear bigger. Or, you can also wear the tight obi belt in right beneath your breasts.
Clothes to enhance cleavage
It is better to choose the low neckline kind of dress. Do not forget to add the accessories in your chest, like brooch, or long necklace. The accessories will make your breasts area the center of the attention. After you are wearing the right bra and clothes style aforementioned, keeping the breasts area as the center of the attention will emphasize your feminine curves and enhance your sex appeal. Those are the kind of clothes to enhance cleavage
Clothes to enhance cleavage  2012

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