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One of the supporters of the appearance of each person to be more perfect is the shoes. Shoes are footwear that is always needed and used by everyone. From start to newborns to grandparents, older even need shoes. So no wonder if the model and type of shoes is always growing more varied, ranging from the materials used to desaign made. There is a model of high heels shoes and flat shoes for women, and there are boat shoes, and sneakers that can be used both men and women. But of the many types of shoes on the market, remains sneakers that it timeless.


converse high heels for girls



converse high heels sneakers


But what would happen if the sneakers paired with high heels? Then become sneaker high heels. Converse is one brand that issue this type. Who does not know converse shoes? This time the canvas shoe brand that has been known since the 1950s, the current designs issued in the form of sneakers, high heels. In this article you will see converse high heels. From decades ago until now, sneakers still in demand by the market. From start to children – children, teenagers, to middle-aged people also prefer to choose sneakers than the other models. The model is simple and comfortable impression gained when wearing sneakers shoe model is acceptable anyone to transcend the limits of age, social status and gender. Also according to research, people who love wearing sneakers usually tend to have a spontaneous nature, firmly in the lead, and also sneakers lovers usually creative and open to others.


converse high heels black



converse high heels


However, a growing mode makes sneakers evolved into more feminine. Application of high heels can make you look more charming as well as casual in the same time. Some examples of converse high heels in this article prove that women can look chic dsengan sneaker. You can mix any skirt or bottom with converse high heels. For tops, you can select the type of t-shirt paired with a blazer or even just a loose shirt and jeans. Converse high heels make you look stylish and charming.

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