Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion 2012 Trend

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Besides his skill in soccer game, Cristiano Ronaldo is also popular with Cristiano Ronaldo fashion 2012 for men’s new trend innovation. He is so muscular, strong, and manly on his appearance. With cool muscles development on the whole body, Cristiano Ronaldo looks handsome in any occasion with stylish fashion and clothing style. He is recommended to imitate as strong men fashion style inspiration.

New cristiano ronaldo fashion 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion 2012 Trend in Leather Jacket

Well, of course Cristiano Ronaldo looks so cool in his soccer club uniform no matter what. With short-sleeved soccer t-shirt and short, he looks incredible handsome and muscular. But he also looks like a gentleman in leather jacket as Cristiano Ronaldo fashion 2012 trend.
Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion style 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo fashion 2012 trend in black leather jacket is completed with bold blue straight jeans and white t-shirt. We know that this casual look combination is simple as well as his t-shirt and jeans. It looks fashionable because of the black leather jacket application. .

Cristiano Ronaldo Fashion 2012 Trend in Sweater

Grey sweater looks contrast with bold blue jeans and white dress shirt. But this smart casual fashion style looks stylish and elegant on Cristiano Ronaldo fashion. To complete this Cristiano Ronaldo fashion 2012 trend in grey sweater, black leather belt with large metal buckle and white sneakers applied properly.

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cristiano ronaldo fashion styleCristiano Ronaldo Fashion style 2012New cristiano ronaldo fashion 2012
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