Gothic Wedding Dress to Make you Look Unique and Trendy

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Gothic wedding dress is gaining more and more popularity these days because the theme is considered to be unique while also look trendy. However, the choice of wearing a gothic wedding dress is also very brave, because you have to do it right otherwise it would look weird and feels out of place for a wedding dress. The gothic culture influenced music and macabre very strongly. Wearing a gothic wedding dress is tricky because you don’t want it has the scare or freaky feels for your wedding dress but it is also a very fun idea.
victorian gothic wedding dresses

The Color of Gothic Wedding Dress

While wearing a gothic wedding dress may seem like a strange idea, but if you can pull the right dress, you’d look as awesome as the other brides who wear the traditional or formal wedding dress. Choosing a gothic wedding dress usually means that you also have a gothic theme for your wedding. This can get tricky because gothic is commonly associated with the black color and some other creepy stuff. But nowadays the fashion world has shifted to a new form that wearing a gothic dress can be considered as unique and trendy. The most common gothic wedding dress color is usually black with a little mix of the red color.

vintage gothic wedding dresses

While black and red is the most common color combination for the gothic wedding dress, that doesn’t mean that you can choose another combination. For example, to have the more sweet and romantic vibe, you can choose the combination of black and pink. Or, if you want to make it has an elegant gothic vibe, you can combine it with a little bit of gold color but keep the dress style as gothic as you can so that it will still be the gothic wedding dress.

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The Makeup and Hairdo for the Gothic Wedding Dress

The whole thing about the gothic stuff for the wedding is interesting. The venue, the wedding dress and also the makeup and hairdo are some very unique things about a gothic wedding. The thing about the gothic style is that it’s dark and simple. So, mostly the makeup for the gothic wedding dress is full with the black color. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be all black because we can have another color to apply for the makeup like the red color. As for the hairdo, you should keep it simple because the gothic style is known for being simple so that it won’t outshine the real vibe of your gothic wedding dress.
gothic wedding dresses red and black
Gothic Wedding Dress
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