Hairstyle for Black Women being Natural or Modern

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Hairstyle for black women comes in various styles and cuts. Basically, black women have hard curly hair in dark hair color such as black or dark brown color. Have you ever seen Oprah? Well, Oprah is one of black women who have natural black women hairstyle. That kind of hairstyle is very usual found in every black women or African women.

hairstyle for black women 2012

hairstyle for black women 2012

Natural Hairstyle for Black Women

There are many models of hairstyle for black women which can be applied for you who are white or black women. They are natural, braided, extension, straight and waves. Let’s start it from the natural hairstyle. As the previous description above related to the natural hairstyle, you will find the real natural hairstyle for any black women currently as like Oprah hairstyle.
hairstyle for black women with natural hair
The braided comes in various styles namely cornrows, box braids and micro braid hairstyle. You will find this kind of this braided hairstyle for black women in several Hollywood stars such as Alicia Keys and Jade Smith.

Modern Hairstyle for Black Women

The modern hairstyle can be created by the next hairstyles including extension, straight, and waves. The extension is often done when someone want to make her hair longer than the original. The straight and waves hairstyle for black women found among Hollywood stars such as Beyonce, Rihanna, and others.
Modern Hairstyle for Black Women
bob hairstyle for black women

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bob hairstyle for black womenhairstyle for black women with natural hairModern Hairstyle for Black Womenhairstyle for black women 2012
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