How to Mix and Match 2 Color Bridesmaid Dresses

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2 color bridesmaid dresses are the popular choice nowadays in bridal fashion. 2 colors mean you get two tones of color or shading or 2 different contrast colors in one dress. When choosing the color for the dress, you should know the latest trend this year. In 2012, the hip color is the bold ones. Mixing two different bold colors in one dress will be quite challenging. Reading the fashion magazines will give you the certain inspiration.
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2 Color Bridesmaid Dresses: Shading Colors

If you prefer the 2 color bridesmaid dresses in shading colors, the choices color include pink, blue, or even orange. For the whole skirt, you can use the shocking pink color, while for the fitted bodice; you can use baby pink color. Blue color can be used as well. For the skirt line, you can use the dark blue color, while for the fitter bodice; you can use the baby blue color. For the summer wedding, citrus tone color will be the best option for you.

2 Color Bridesmaid Dresses

2-Color Bridesmaid Dresses: Contrast Colors

For the contrast color in 2-color bridesmaid dresses; the popular option is black and white. It is the neutral color, so that you can easily accessorize the dress with any kind of jewelries. Moreover, black and white resemble the classic style. You will look classy in black and white. You can wear the white strapless knee-length gown with black belt. Or, you can even wear the white fitted bodice with black skirt.
2 Color Bridesmaid Dresses 2012
When choosing the color, even though the option only the bold ones, you should also match it with the current season and the theme of the party. The outdoor spring/summer wedding will look nice combined with floral and bright two colors dresses. Indoor and more traditional wedding will look fine in black and white contrast color of 2 color bridesmaid dresses

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