Jewelry Design 2012 in Green

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Green in fashion and home design is such common thing to discuss but it is different with jewelry design 2012 in green. From the past into current day, jewelry is designed in similar styles and materials. The different thing related to the current jewelry which is not applied on the old jewelry is its creative models in various color options. Well, we know that until today, there are so many new expensive stones found to become new embellishment option on the jewelry.

trend jewelry design 2012

Green Jade Jewelry Design 2012

Jade is the best choice to make your jewelry design 2012 becomes green. This special stone comes from and becomes popular in China. The green color as jade unique color benefited to be the best embellishment on any jewelry such as necklace, earring, and many more.
premier design jewelry 2012

Eight shaped earring pendant is made of green jade. Yellow gold is chosen as jade border on this unique gold earring. Jewelry design 2012 in green color applied on this Indian earring looks so cool and fresh.
Jewelry Design 2012
Turquoise Layered Jewelry Design 2012

What is turquoise color look like? Well, it is a combination between blue and green color. This color looks so cool for summer fashion style applied on the layered necklace. This turquoise layered jewelry design 2012 is combined with gold to create luxurious accent on it.

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Jewelry Design 2012premier design jewelry 2012trend jewelry design 2012
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