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Kim Kardashian hair is naturally black. She knows that her naturally black hair is a gift and she makes sure so that people can see it. The way she wears her hair on daily basis and to an event or go to a club is always showing the natural side of the hair. You can apply her hairstyle for your daily look or for your hairstyle to an event.

kim kardashian haircut
Kim Kardashian Hair and Makeup at a red carpet event

Kim Kardashian hair is black and long. With that, she always chooses the natural hairstyles to compliment her look. She doesn’t really do much on her hair. As for the red carpet event, she just do a little bit of hairstyling on the hair like adding some highlights or wearing the wavy hairstyle.

kim kardashian hair updo

The other look of Kim Kardashian hair on a red carpet event is the up hairstyle. As for the makeup, because it is a red carpet event, the makeup has to be more glamorous. The choosing of the makeup has to be able to compliment the way you look. But most of all, the makeup has to suit the dress.
Kim Kardashian Hair
Kim Kardashian hair for the daily hairstyle

For the daily hairstyle, she is just like us. She likes to wear the simple makeup and the simple hairstyle. Mostly, she wears her hair up with the up hairstyle like the very simple ponytail hairstyle. If you think that it looks a bit boring you can always do a little bit of braids on your Kim Kardashian hair inspired style.
kim kardashian hair straight
kim kardashian hair up
kim kardashian hair color
kim kardashian hair curly

kim kardashian hair 2012
kim kardashian hair chain

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