Matching Ivory Prom Dress with the Right Makeup

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Ivory prom dress is such a popular option in a special occasion dress. It is because ivory is a neutral color, with white and cream combination, it will be easy for you to mix and match it with any accessories, or even makeup. Moreover, ivory color is the perfect choice for women who have neutral undertones skin. This kind of dress will give you the sophisticated dress. That is why you will usually see the ivory dress in a formal occasion, like prom.

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Ivory Prom Dress: First Steps in Wearing Makeup

As usual, before wearing makeup, you should wash your face with the specific cleanser and use the facial lotion to moisturize your skin face. Next, you can apply the concealer anywhere in your face that needs to be retouched. After 5 minutes, apply the foundation that can match to your skin tone. After that, you can apply the blush on. Despite the ivory prom dress, pale-skinned women will look best in pink blush on, while the dark or tan-skinned women will look gorgeous in peach color blush on. However, both of the blush on colors will match perfectly to the ivory dress.

Ivory Prom Dresses: Advanced Steps
For the eye shadow, you can apply the light one in the brow bone. The light color will make your eyes look brighter. Next, you should apply the medium tone of gray to the crease from the lash line. The darker gray should be applied in outer eyelid to give the effect of deep eyes. After that, mix the color and darken the shade color. Eyeliner also should be applied in both upper and lower lash line. Ivory prom dress will match perfectly to the smoky eyes makeup. You can smudge the eyeliner by using a cotton swab.
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Do not forget the mascara. You can apply it in the lower and upper lashes. And for your lips, pale pink lip stick will be the great choice for blonde women. Yet, for brunette or black-haired women, peach will be the best. Both of them can be matched with ivory prom dress

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