One Piece Swimsuit and the Types of It

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One piece swimsuit offers you the more coverage in your body while at the same time gives the free movement when swimming. Actually, some women prefer this kind of swimsuit to two piece one. It is because this swimsuit can cover your body just in case you are not comfortable showing more skin. Plus, this swimsuit can frame your body well and give the needed support.
One Piece Swimsuit
one piece swimsuit 2012
One Piece Swimsuit: Maillot and Bodyskin

Maillot actually means shirt in French. It means that maillot is the kind of shirt for swimming, or also known as the bathing shirt. In 1960, the swimsuit designers combine maillot with spandex to get the classic and contemporary one piece swimsuit. Bodyskin is the common choice for athletes in a swimming competition. It is actually more like the suit scuba divers use. This swimsuit covers all of your body except your feet and hands. As it is used by the athletes, bodyskin usually features the material that can ease the swimmers to move in the water.
one piece swimsuit  Bodyskin
one piece swimsuit  Maillot
One Piece Swimsuit: Racerback and Pretzel Suit

Racerback is usually completed with the additional support in bust area. Besides bodyskin, this is another option that the athletes use. It is because this kind of one piece swimsuit offers flexibility when moving in the water. The main characteristic of racerback is the fewer ties and straps to fix the fit. It offers the great combination of function and form.
one piece swimsuit  Racerback and Pretzel Suit
The last one is pretzel suit. This is actually the revealing kind of swimsuit. The straps in this suit hang in the torso, near the lower part of the rib. The bottom part of this swimsuit is considerably high. And for the straps, they cover the neck and meet the other stripes in midriff area instead of passing around your neck and fall down in the back. This one piece swimsuit is the same with sling swimsuit.

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