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An Indian wedding is the epitome of beauty. Mehndi henna paste and paint on hand further adds graceful bride. Kohl eye make india bride groom smeakin tempting. Every part of his body decorated with glittering gold jewelry. The hair is woven with fragrant flowers, red and brown shades dominate culture hindu india mempuat the charming bride. There’s a lot of type of wedding gown in the world. In india or in hindu’s culture there’s an Lehenga as wedding gown. Here’s the followings the wedding lehengas 2012.


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In India and other countries with Hindu culture, it is believed that the meeting between the prospective bride and groom a few days before the wedding will bring bad luck. As part of peryaan wedding, the bride’s parents and the bride and groom will wash the feet with milk and water as a symbol of purifying their journey into a new life in a forever home. The bride’s sari or lehenga use as her wedding dress according to the region where he lived with the color red is considered lucky as the main option. Sari chosen by the bride in India as south, west and east. While other regions prefer lehenga as bridal gowns. The current color of the dress is not just red. a growing fashion trend made lehenga has a more vibrant color. The wedding lehengas 2012 can be chosen as your wedding gown.


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The women of Rajasthan, the largest state in the Republic of India, often wearing a colorful skirt called a lehenga spin on their wedding day. This dress is paired with a blouse choli as their Indian wedding. It is the Indian wedding clothes that most often you see on the screen when you watch Bollywood movies. Lehenga dress for the bride you can make an inspiration in creating. If you want a different wedding atmosphere, you can choose wedding lehengas 2012 as your wedding dress.

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